Dry Body Brushing

Why should I start dry body brushing?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.

Dry body brushing helps the detoxification process and has many benefits including:

  • 1. Dry body brushing can reduce cellulite - helps break down unwanted toxins

  • 2. Exfoliates skin - eliminates dead skin cells and encourages renewal of cells
  • 3. Eliminates clogged pores, which help the skin absorb nutrients
  • 4. Increases blood circulation (and energy levels)
  • 5. Helps activate the lymphatic system - improves circulation to the lymph nodes, which in turn helps out the immune system
  • 6. A great practice of self love

Dry body brushing is an inexpensive way to help rid your body of toxins and should never be underestimated!

How to Dry Body Brush:

Ideally once a day, before showering:

Start brushing from the toes in a circular, upward motion.

Continue to the lower legs, upper legs and thighs, stomach, arms, back and chest.

Aim to brush towards the heart as the lymph fluid flows through there.This can be done once a day before showering.

It is important to remember to stroke upwards, and in the general area of major lymph nodes (this includes the groin, armpits and neck) which are shown in the diagram: