Natvia Sugar Free Baking Launch

This week I was invited to attend and celebrate the Natvia Sugar Free Baking launch at The Classic Cupcake Co. We spent the night baking the most amazing sugar-free cupcakes with the assistance of Anna (The Classic Cupcake's Founder) and had the pleasure of meeting Natvia's co-founder Sam Tew. The sugar-free baking master class introduced a new way of baking using Natvia's new baking product and fabulous sugar-free icing. Natvia is a great natural alternative to sugar and the cupcakes taste amazing! It was a great night to remember and was wonderful to meet people who are so passionate about what they do. I would really recommend this product and have been using it in my baking and beverages for the past 2 years as an alternative to sugar. Lets inspire each other to change this society's eating habits for the better!

The sugar-free cupcakes and master class are now open to the public, its a great class and an exciting way to learn how to cook without sugar. Bookings for the master class are now open: