Solar D Sunscreen International Launch

As someone conscious about their skin and staying protected from the sun, I was excited to find out about a new product that would allow me to have fun in the sun without damaging my skin.

A few weeks back I attended the international launch for a new and exciting upcoming sunscreen. May I add, not just any regular sunscreen, Solar D is Vitamin D friendly allowing you to get the 'good stuff' when your out in the sunshine.

The event started with a 'Get up and go' smoothie, along with chatter and a great breakfast to follow. On the panel was Grant Denyer, (MC), Dr Ginni Mansberg (general practitioner, author and television regular), along with Solar D's managing director, Mathew Collett  as well as brand ambassadors, Jules Sebastian and Renae Ayris.

One in three Australians are deficient in Vitamin D. After numerous studies and collaborations with health professionals Solar D sunscreen was created and will be in stores just in time for summer. Solar D works by blocking out the harmful cancer-causing rays, and lets in the UVB wavelengths. Most people don't know that vitamin D is a hormone produced within the body after soaking up UVB rays over short periods of time.

Solar D is the perfect solution for those who want the natural health benefits from the sun without the cancer-causing rays that come along with it. Solar D provides a way to stay sun smart that is free from parabens, oxybenzone, PABA and is made with the safest possible ingredients. Solar D is available in Daily Use, Active and Kids, it will be in stores including Woolworths, IGA, Target and Priceline this month.

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