Silly Season Survival Guide - 12 ways to stay healthy in the holiday season

The festive season is upon us...!

Everyone close to me knows its my absolute favourite time of year. Here are my tips for beating the bloat and feeling great, while still enjoying special occasions and the lasting memories shared with family and friends!

1. Stay hydrated - Especially for the summer season here in Australia, this can help your body detoxify extra unwanted waste if you've over indulged. It can be suprising the amount of extra kilojules we can consume by drinking fizzy drinks, large quantities of fruit juice and punch or alcoholic beverages - so opt for water whenever you can!

2. Don't beat yourself up if you over-indulge, life is too short not to enjoy the foods you love especially during the festive season, keep in mind moderation and portion control when you do choose to indulge.

3. Practice mindful eating - really think about what you are eating and use your senses - sight, smell and taste to really be mindful about what you are eating, it will really help you to enjoy it just that extra bit!

4. Keep your diet healthy in the meantime, and if you do decide to have that extra glass of wine or chocolate rum ball you wont need to feel bad about it - try to avoid the 'Oh well, I fell of the healthy eating bandwagon so now I may as well eat this whole box of Ferrero Rochers!'

5. Avoid going to an event with an empty stomach, keep some almonds in your handbag or eat a nourishing meal before you arrive.

6. If you have been asked to bring a plate try and bring a nutritious dish, such as veggie sticks with avocado and hummus dip, or a fruit platter. Other guests might be over the moon the see some feel-good food on the table.

7. Avoid drinking alcohol, and if you do choose too limit to 1-2 glasses of wine or vodka w/ sparkling mineral water and lime.

8. Exercise daily - this includes incidental exercise such as walking around the shops looking for presents, taking the stairs instead of the escalator and parking your car 15 mins walk away from the shops. Also, morning walks, a body balance class or doing your own routine at the gym are great ways to stay motivated and set your healthy agenda for the day ahead. Another idea is to suggest playing a game of cricket or croquet with your family!

9. Listen to your body - it knows better than anyone how different foods make you feel and when its time to pass on that third cocktail.

10. Try to pass the bread basket, wheat usually makes us feel bloated and lethargic, instead opt for gluten free options.

11. Avoid fizzy drink and consuming large amounts of foods high in sugar, as we all know a sugar high leads to a crappy sugar low. Avoid a high sugar intake to keep your blood glucose levels stabilized!

12. Sit down and write 5 highlights or positive things that have happened to you this year, then create a plan and set out your positive intentions and goals for the year ahead!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, I hope you have a fabulous holiday season with tasty food and quality time spent with loved ones!