Pantry Swaps - Healthy Habits start in the Kitchen

I believe that the road to better health and happiness starts with the foods we eat. Everything we choose to consume ultimately becomes us.

Here are my top tips and ideas for swapping everyday essentials for foods containing a higher nutritional value. If you are wanting to change your eating habits and have no idea where to start then these top tips are for you.

These are most of  the changes I've made to my pantry gradually over time. Don't forget to make small changes here and there for better results, so it isn't as overwhelming.

You could even use one or two of these suggestions depending on what feels right for your body.

1. Milk  

If you are lactose or dairy intolerant you probably already know there are now many more options available. Some believe the human body was never designed to consume full cream cow's milk. Studies have shown that goat's milk is much easily digested as its structure (on a molecular level) is similar to human breast milk.  To beat the bloat swap your full cream milk to certified organic almond milk, rice milk, goats milk, soy milk; in small amounts (personally I am a bit up in the air about over consumption of soy milk as many studies suggest that it interferes with hormonal levels and it is highly processed) coconut milk, or MACADAMIA nut milk, which is personally my new absolute FAVOURITE thing.


2. Swap white bread for brown.

White bread is HIGHLY processed. The wholegrain has been completely stripped of its nutrients (and outer layer) so it pretty much contains no nutritional value, not to mentioned it has been bleached and naturally isn't so 'wonderfully white', nor is it meant to be! Change it up with grainy gluten free bread (if you are gluten intolerant), organic rye bread, sourdough spelt, or buckwheat.


3. Butter

Swap butter for either organic butter (in moderation), or nut butters including almond, macadamia, brazil nut or peanut.


4. Swap the salt

Again, table salt is highly processed.  If you choose to have salt (in moderation) go for the Himalayan rock salt as it contains essential vitamins and minerals. Another alternative is sea salt.


5. Ditch the sugar-rich 'fruit drinks' and fruit juices.

Don't be fooled, some fruit juice and fruit drinks can contain as much sugar as a can of fizzy drink. Check the back of bottles to make sure they only contain 100% fruit.


6. Swap the chocolate!

My favourite thing in the world, I know. Instead of milk chocolate, enjoy a few squares of 70-85% dark chocolate, or my ultimate favourite indulgence, raw vegan Pana Chocolate!.. or other organic raw chocolates such as Loving Earth. These chocolates are packed with antioxidants and contain a much higher nutritional content than milk chocolate.


7. Refined white sugar

Just as white flour and salt, white sugar is highly processed and is stripped of nutrients. Alternatives to white sugar include organic honey, rice malt syrup, maple syrup or Natvia. All enjoyed in moderation.


8. Swap caged eggs to organic eggs

I have my own chickens and let them roam and eat worms and bugs, or whatever is naturally in the environment. When they aren't laying I opt for organic eggs (preferably certified organic) or stop by the local farms and get free ranged. I believe that organic eggs contain many more nutrients and I do not like to support caged eggs.