Q&A with Vladia Cobrdova from Aboutlife Natural Marketplace

Aboutlife Wellness Ambassador, Nutritionist, COO, and author of many nutritious recipes, Vladia Cobrdova lives her passion for health and wellness. Vladia is a fountain of inspiration, your go-to girl for all the latest superfood trends. 

All About Health caught up with Vladia to get an insight on the upcoming superfood trends of 2015, a sneak peak of her typical day on a plate and top tips for nourishing your body. 

What first sparked your interest for Nutrition and wellness?

It begun when I first arrived to Australia- I was inspired by all the amazing fresh produce –seriously, I had never tried an avocado or mango before I came to Australia! Coming from a food background I was instantly inspired to learn more about this amazing produce. The climate in Australia makes all the fresh produce taste so much better and you cannot go past the taste of organic and chemical free produce-  farmed by families that are dedicated to working with nature and to grow natural food. About 13 years ago I signed up to study nutrition and other natural therapies wanting to learn all about the philosophy of food as medicine. Since then I live and love this lifestyle every day.

Why do you believe it’s important to eat well and nourish your body?

We only have one body so we should not compromise on the quality – I believe that the body is the most important asset in our life so we have to fuel our bodies with only the best, most natural ingredients– money well spent is money on good quality natural food - that is looking after your future. Eating well is like a well planned retirement plan. What is in your retirement food bank now??

What is your typical day on a plate?


Every Morning I start my day  with probiotics andbig jug of hot water and lemon – this is to cleanse, alkalize and look after my gut health. This is followed by an aloe vera and chlorophyll  shot – again, great cleanser and improved gut health which is very important for our immunity and overall health. I make a freshly squeezed carrot juice with turmeric, lemon and loads of zingy ginger – this is a definite wakeup call for body and tastes buds!

On the days that I work I usually  pre prepare my breakfast the night before – cinnamon spiced quinoa, with sheep’s yoghurt, fresh fruit (at the moment the stone fruit is great) and of course berries are in season! I top it up with crunchy buckinis and bee pollen- This is all layered in Aboutlife hydration jars for easy transportation.


For lunch my favourite thing would have to be Grilled sustainable barramundi with fermented brown rice kale and kimchi- this is prepared in Aboutlife’s kitchen and is delicious!


My favourite dinner at the moment are lettuce cup tacos- you can fill them up with beef mince, fish or beans with fresh tomato and mint salsa and sliced avocado-  this is so satisfying but easily digestible at the same time.

What superfood trends can we expect for 2015?


Charcoal is used for assisting the body to get rid of toxins. It is a great detoxifier for the whole body. Activated charcoal is an ancient way to cleanse the system. It is quickly becoming the new big thing in whole body detoxifying as it plays an increasingly significant role in maintaining, restoring and enhancing ones level of health.

Activated Charcoal is the most adsorbent material in the world and don’t be fooled by its black color as this powder is great for teeth whitening.

Black rice

The darker the food , the more nutritious it is – black rice is high in antioxidants, full of protein and very high in iron


Kelp is the natural source of organic iodine. Iodine is very important for the thyroid functions in the body; it has a significant influence on the body’s metabolism, controlling the utilization of calories and helping to prevent calories being stored as excess fat.

Matcha powder

Matcha is 100% natural green tea leaves stone ground down into a fine powder. It is known to have more antioxidants than regular green tea. Being a concentrated form of green tea, matcha packs a concentrated punch of vitamins, minerals and metabolism-enhancing, mind-focusing, immune-boosting and detoxifying properties. 

Banana flour

This flour is made from green bananas. It is gluten free and also super rich in resistant starch. Resistant starch is extremely good for the digestion and wellbeing of the body. It will keep you fuller for longer without bloating and helps balance the body naturally, therefore it is great to use as part of a weight management plan.

Bone broth and jelly

Bone broths and Jelly’s (made from real gelatine) are very nutritious and great for the guts health.  Gelatine is derived from Collagen (natures BOTOX) which is a protein contained in the skin of these animals. It contains the essential amino acids – glycine, lysine and proline which have been found to be necessary to accelerate cell growth.

Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids- It is the building block of the body and the basis for healthy skin, nails, bones and ligaments. We unfortunately stop production of collagen as we get older (around mid-20s) and hence our skin becomes wrinkly and bones weaken etc. It is believed that the effects of this process can be reduced by ingesting collagen through supplementation, aiding the body in the repair process and providing other benefits such as enhanced digestion, sleep, energy levels and endurance.

What is your favourite superfood and its benefits?

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is nature’s most complete and nutritious food. It is a highly absorbable protein loaded with antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids and is great for stamina and strength, improves focus and alertness.

I usually have bee pollen for breakfast sprinkled on top of goats yoghurt with fresh fruit and macadamia nut butter

What is your favourite indulgence, and how do you deal with sugar cravings?

This would have to be cheese and anything dairy- I love full fat good quality cheese, goats is my preferred type.

I have always been more into savoury than sweet but when I do get sugar cravings I usually have anything my body is asking for.

What is your favourite way to work-out?

I keep active to stay motivated. Throughout the year I rotate my exercise routine - in winter I ski and go to hot yoga whereas in the summer I swim a lot, get on my bicycle, go dancing ..I often will choose holidays that are based on activity too- my favourite trip was to the Mount Everest!

Your number one tip for staying motivated when it comes to healthy eating:

Eat with the season and eat more fresh food - Lots of fresh, local, seasonal produce –  especially green veggies - they are a powerhouse of nutrients. 60% of your plate should be veggies. Stocking up your fridge with nutritious food such a fresh produce, good quality protein and fats will keep you on track.

If you love avocado I recommend you try this delicious recipe from Aboutlife Natural Marketplace!

Chai’zy Avacado

Serves 2


2 ripe avocados

juice of half a lemon

¼ cup fresh basil, chopped

1 tbsp chia seeds

10 cherry tomatoes, halved and roasted

pinch cayenne pepper

pinch Celtic sea salt


Mash the avocados with a fork then combine with other

ingredients. Cayenne pepper will add that extra kick to this dip.

Spread on your favourite toast and drizzle with olive oil.