In this life it can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day that we can forget to find happiness and see beauty in the simple things which are right in front of us.

Here are 3 steps to instant happiness:

1. Gratitude

Look up at the sky and appreciate the beauty of life, notice how amazing it is to be alive. Write down a list of 5 things you are grateful for; this may even be your hands or your eyes, giving you the incredible ability to see the beautiful things in life, or this may be a family member or a friend. Remember what a gift it is that you woke up this morning! :)

2. Be positive

Change your thinking. Turn that negative thought into a positive one (I know this can feel difficult sometimes) sit with your emotions and try not to over think the situation. For every negative thought say out loud a positive one. Put a smile on your face (fake it till you make it!).

3.  Laugh

Find a friend or family member and have a good old belly laugh! This will not only help cheer you up, but from my experience, a good laugh is always the best medicine. Make light of a situation, take a step back and have a laugh (even though it may feel silly at the time, it may actually help!).

Next time your feeling stressed or overwhelmed, go back to basics and step out in nature. Notice the small birds singing in the trees, look up at the world around you and notice the incredible little miracles happening right in front of you. 

Here are a few happy snaps from my life. The top picture is of my sister over looking a valley near Kiama and the next photo was after a hike at the blue mountains waterfalls with my main man.