This is a tricky one, I know!

I have experienced this first hand with my family, and boyfriend in particular. It's always a challenge, but who doesn't love a challenge right?!

Here are a few ways I've managed to slip a few extra healthy meals into their diet.

1. Avoid telling  them what they're eating is healthy - I gave my boyfriend a cacao brownie made from black beans, and he loved it!... until I told him it had beans in it! I know this sounds a little mean, but in this case, what they don't know won't hurt them (especially when your fuelling them up with nutrients)!

2. Cook healthy meals together and make an event of it - especially if you have young children in your family, this can be a fantastic way to get everyone involved. Try these Tropical Icy-poles

3. 'Health-ify' one of their favourite meals (they won't even notice!) - for instance, instead of buying store bought chicken parmigiana, re-create it using organic canned tomatoes, fresh herbs and crumb the chicken with almond meal or sesame seeds!

4. Cook more soups! - especially with the cooler weather on its way, soups can be a great source of nutrients which taste exceptionally delicious.

5. Swap the bread - change the bread you buy to a wholegrain flour, spelt or rye bread. The browner the better! Modern day HIGHLY processed white breads are stripped of the outer bran and germ, which contain all the fibre and nutrients!

6. Avoid cooking meals with processed carbohydrates, I know we all love it, but avoid large portions of pastas and rice - enjoy them on an occasional basis! Instead some ideas are to try and create meals with fresh vegetables as the main ingredient, or quality protein with as many vegetables as you like, soups, stir-fry or a roast.

7. Buy them their favourite fruit instead of a sweet snack.

8. Don't make a fuss over the food (otherwise they might think you're up to something) include them in the decision making of meals and suggest a healthy option, while making them feel like its their idea.