Teresa Palmer..

Wellness advocate, Hollywood actress, mother, and co-founder (alongside her bestie Phoebe Tonkin) of online wellness hub 'Your Zen Life'.
You may recognize Teresa Palmer from films including The Choice, Warm Bodies and Bedtime Stories (just to name a few)..  

Teresa is such an inspiration and defiantly walks her talk when it comes to living a healthy life. I chatted with Teresa about all things from staying healthy while travelling, inspiration behind yourzenlife.com, her favourite way to workout and day on a plate.

I'm so excited to share this interview with you!  

1. What inspired you to start yourzenlife.com?

The concept of Your Zen Life was was born over a dinner conversation one night between myself and my best friend, Phoebe Tonkin. We were discussing the industry we work in and how at times, it can feel quite shallow and superficial and we both connected to the idea of using our profiles to be of service and to affect positive change in the world. We both shared a strong passion for health and wellness and we have such amazing access to incredibly inspiring people in the industry, so the idea really stemmed from there. We began brainstorming and collaborating and quickly realised we wanted it to be an online community to bring together likeminded people in which everyone has a voice, not just celebrities or experts. That's what sets YZL a part - anyone can contribute and we have really organically grown our following and our community that way. 


2. What is your number one tip for busy women who are wanting to live a healthy lifestyle?

I would say planning and preparation is key - it is so easy when we are busy to let health and wellness slip by the wayside but make it a priority and consciously carve time out for it. Whether it means a big cook up on the weekend and freezing meals for the week or getting up an hour early to exercise or meditate. I think it is also really important to not be too hard on yourself, we all get busy, we all drop the ball sometimes and that is ok. 


3. What is your typical day on a plate?

This varies for me as I spend so much time traveling, away from from home. However, generally I like to start my day with a green smoothie, lunch is usually sushi or something I can grab on the go or if I am on set I usually have baked salmon and salad and then dinner varies but we love cooking up a big Mexican feast at home. I snack on nuts, chips and guac and rice crackers with almond butter and honey, carob chips.


4. What is your favourite way to work-out (and how often)?

It honestly always changes! As I have grown older I have really learnt to listen to my body and allow that to dictate the type of exercise I engage in and how often. I find lately I have been mixing it up a lot; from walking, to intense gym cardio, to weights, to at home work-outs. I try to work out a few times a week, this can be hard when I am on set working long days but then I make sure I put in a good session on my days off.


5. How do you manage a healthy life when you are busy or travelling?

I make sure I take my daily multi-vitamin, try to get as much sleep as possible, engage in some exercise each week. Also, I consciously carve out 'me-time' as a priority to unwind, even if it is a 10 minute bath at night or I'll read a book or go on my iPad, this is important to me. When traveling; I take multivitamins with me and then research / ask locals for healthiest places to eat as well as stocking up at the supermarket - I usually tweet out to my followers and find the local organic stores and eateries in the place I am visiting! I always make time for meditation and reading up on my Eckhart Tolle. 


6. What is your go-to beauty product?

Because I wear so much makeup when I am working, when I am off duty I usually try to keep it pretty natural and will often just slather my face in almond oil and put a slick of tinted lipgloss on. My absolute FAV moisturizer is from ARTISTRY and it is called Creme LX it's what I give to so many of my friends as a Christmas gift. 


7. What is your favourite way to indulge?

A night of doing nothing binge watching a series with my hubby and eating anything that is chocolate and caramel related!! I also love indulging in 'me-time' - a beautiful, relaxing lavender bath does the trick! 


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