Almond milk


I thought I would do a quick post before I head off to bed!

Here are a few of my pantry essentials. I always have them in the cupboard, ready to whip up a nourishing dish or treat.

Making healthy choices requires preparation, although with these essentials you'll be sure to create something delicious and satisfying in a matter of minutes

1. Raw cacao powder - my absolute favourite ingredient! You can add it to smoothies, on porridge, in healthy cookies or muffins, chia puddings or even in raw avocado mousse. Raw cacao is high in magnesium and essential vitamins + minerals.

2. Almond meal - another essential for healthy and wheat free cooking, it is a great alternative to processed flours. Almond meal is a baking must-have, I use it in the majority of my recipes.

3. Coconut oil - a dairy free alternative to butter. Coconut oil is great to use when whipping up a stir-fry or baking a batch of cookies as it is solid at room temperature. Coconut oil has also shown to aid digestion and reduce bloating.

4. Chia seeds - add them to anything and everything. Chia are full of healthy fats, and are high in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation in the body. Chia seeds can ultimately support weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

5. A good quality protein powder - I love pea protein and vegan rice protein powders. You can add protein to smoothies, breakfast or baking. Protein is a great Low GI snack which supports weight loss and is sure to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

6. Almond milk (or nut free milk) - a dairy free option to cow's milk, which is suitable for those with food intolerances or who choose not to consume dairy.

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